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Stable Source

SANE provides the following packages:

The latest stable source code is available from the following official sites:

Both sane-backends and sane-frontends can be compiled and installed on a variety of different platforms. See our list of supported platforms for details.

To check that the code hasn't been changed, there are md5 hashes of the current releases.

Unstable (Development) Source

The Debian project provides a git server ("Alioth") with anonymous (read-only) and developer (read-write) access to the development (unstable) tree of the SANE sources. See our git page for more information.

There are also daily git snapshots that may contain fixes or new features that are not in the latest release yet. Keep in mind that these are development versions. They aren't tested at all.


Here are pointers to some binary distributions of SANE. The binaries aren't made by the SANE project itsself but by distributors or volunteers. If you want to add something to this list, just file a bug report at our bug tracking system and add a pointer to the relevant binary. After review we'll add the link to this section.


Most Linux distributions package SANE with modifications required to support their authentication or permissions systems. We recommend you use the vendor's packages. If you need a more updated version of SANE, be prepared to build from source, and ask on a distro-specific forum for advice.





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