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git, the version control system invented by Linus Torvalds and used for the Linux kernel among other things, is used to develop SANE. To get the latest SANE software (sane-backends and sane-frontends) our git server can be used. But keep in mind that the software in git is not tested so the risk of bugs is much higher than with stable releases.

There is development and anonymous git access. If you are not a developer, please use the anonymous access methods as mentioned below.

Anonymous git Access (Read-Only)

The git trees are available anonymously either through the HTTP access method or the git-specific git protocol.

The HTTP access method should be used only if you are restricted by a firewall that won't let you use either the git protocol nor SSH. HTTP is slower and requires more bandwidth than any other access methods.

You can clone from the following URIs:

If you just want to look at one file and don't want to download the whole git tree, you can use gitweb to browse the tree with your web browser:

Developer Access to git (Read-Write)

If you intend to use the development git server, get a login at Alioth and contact one of the SANE project managers to get added to the project. Don't be surprised that you get a "foo-guest" account, that's just the normal naming scheme. After being added to the project, it can take some hours until you get write access to the git trees. Development git access is done by ssh:

Available git trees:

The rules are pretty simple: If you change anything in your backend, do whatever you want. Just don't break compilation :-). Don't change backends of other active developers. For backends of non-active developers or any other code you should either know what you are doing or ask on sane-devel if the change is acceptable. Fixing spelling mistakes or broken links in the HTML pages is appreciated. Before doing major changes please ask on sane-devel.

When committing work to sane-backends or sane-frontends, make sure to write a descriptive commit message. The format is simple, a short single line summary, optionally followed by a longer explanation of why things were changed. For large changes, including a summary of what changed may be helpful too. Example:

niash.c: Add argument screening to sane_control_option

This prevents access to non-existing array elements as well as
potential NULL dereferences.

Fixes #315132.

Commit messages will be collected in a ChangeLog file for inclusion in the release by the release manager. There is no need to update the ChangeLog file yourself. People using the "bleeding edge" are supposed to have convenient access to the git log output.

sane-commit Mailing list

If you are interested in the changes to the SANE git trees, subscribe to the sane-commit mailing list.

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