SANE - Supported Platforms

SANE has been ported to many platforms. The following table lists the status for various platforms. A question mark indicates uncertainty about the accuracy of the information. A listed version number of an operating system or a compiler doesn't mean that other versions don't work, it's just the version that was tested.

Keeping this table up to date depends on your reporting the latest working configurations. If you have new information or corrections, please file a bug report with category "website". We are especially interested in reports about platforms not listed here or about configurations with outdated entries.

Platform Latest SANE version tested Compiler User-level SCSI support USB support Shared library support Dynamic loading support X11 clients (xscanimage and xcam)
AIX PPC v4.3.3 1.0.11 gcc 2.95.2 yes(?) no yes yes yes(?)
AIX PPC v5.1 1.0.15 xlc yes no yes yes ???
FreeBSD Alpha v6.0 1.0.17 gcc 3.4.4 ??? ??? yes yes ???
FreeBSD ia64 v6.0 1.0.17 gcc 3.4.4 ??? ??? yes yes ???
FreeBSD ix86 v5.4 1.0.17 gcc 3.4.2 yes yes yes yes yes
HP-UX ia64 v11.23 1.0.17 gcc 4.0.2 ??? no yes no ???
HP-UX ia64 v11.23 1.0.17 HP aC++/ANSI C B3910B A.06.05 [Jul 25 2005] ??? no yes no ???
IRIX 6.5.x 1.0.11 MIPSpro C (cc) yes no yes yes yes
Linux Alpha v2.4 1.0.17 gcc 3.3.5 ??? yes(?) yes yes yes(?)
Linux ia64 v2.6 1.0.17 gcc 3.3.5 yes(?) yes(?) yes yes yes(?)
Linux ix86 v2.6 1.0.17 gcc 4.0.3 yes yes yes yes yes
Linux MIPS (big endian) v2.4 1.0.12 gcc 3.3 yes ??? yes yes ???
Linux Parisc64 v2.4 1.0.13 gcc 3.0.4 ??? ??? yes yes ???
Linux PPC v2.4 1.0.13 gcc 3.2.2 yes yes yes yes yes
Linux Sparc32 v2.4 1.0.9 gcc 2.96 yes ??? yes yes ???
Linux Sparc64 v2.4 1.0.11 gcc 2.96 yes ??? yes yes yes
MacOS X 10.3.2 1.0.14 gcc 3.3 yes yes yes yes yes
NetBSD Alpha 1.6 1.0.12 gcc 2.95.3 ??? ??? yes yes ???
NetBSD ix86 2.0 1.0.17 gcc 3.3.3 yes(?) yes(?) yes yes yes(?)
NetBSD sparc 1.4T 1.0.11 egcs-1.1.2 yes ??? ??? ??? ???
OpenBSD Alpha 3.2 1.0.10 gcc 2.95.3 ??? ??? yes yes ???
OpenBSD ix86 3.5 1.0.17 gcc 2.95.3 yes(?) yes yes yes yes(?)
OS/2 4.5 (eComStation)(2) 1.0.16 gcc 2.8.1, 3.3.5, IBM VAC++ yes (yes)(2) yes yes yes(2)
Solaris-2.7 UltraSPARC 1.0.9 gcc 2.95.2 yes(?) no yes yes yes
Solaris Express b30 SPARC 1.0.17 cc (Sun Studio 11) yes(?) yes yes yes yes
Solaris 10 x86 1.0.14 gcc 2.95.3 yes(?) yes yes yes yes
Tru64 5.1b Alpha 1.0.17 cc ??? no yes yes yes(?)
Zeta R1 (== BeOS R6.x) ix86 1.0.15 gcc 2.95.3 yes (1) yes (1) yes (1) yes (1) no (1)


The platform (operating system version and machine architecture) to which the information applies.
SANE version tested
The latest version of SANE that has been tested on the given platform.
The compiler that was used to build SANE.
User-level SCSI support
All backends that support SCSI scanners depend on user-level SCSI support. Without user-level SCSI support, these backends won't work.
USB support
Without USB support there is no chance to get a USB scanner to work with SANE.
Shared library support
With shared library support, the resulting SANE binaries are smaller. The functionality of SANE is not affected by this point.
Dynamic loading support
With dynamic loading support, SANE can dynamically load new backends. In other words, programs do not need to be recompiled when a new backend is installed.
X11 clients
Indicates whether graphical user interface applications based on X11 are available for the platform. The command line tool scanimage is always available


1 (BeOS)
Links: SANE package ("BeSANE"), BeOS GUI frontend ("sanity"), another version of sanity. Zeta RC1's Service Pack 2 also includes SANE and Sanity. As of January 6, 2004, details of the Zeta build are yet to be disclosed by YellowTAB.
2 (OS/2)
Links: Precompiled sane-backends and sane-frontends packages including information on how to build SANE on OS/2, TAME/2 (GUI) + USB support for SANE

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