Umax Astra 1220S, Serving as a Scanner Server???

Yuri Litvin (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 16:42:23 -0800

Hey guys :-)

I'm planning to buy & install scanner Umax Astra 1220S (with the SCSI card that
comes with it) on LINUX puter (RH6.0 2.2.13 kernel) so it will serve as a Scanner
Server for Win9x/WinNT puters on our network

Has anyone had any experience with this scanner (it is listed as stable on SANE
web-page) and/or setting up LINUX as a Scanner Server for a Windows puters? I've
tried Winsane plugin and it works (appears in the Imaging program) on Win9x, but i
can't get it to work on WinNT puters. Do u have any idea why? Have u ever tried
that CGI script that is mentioned in the SANE FAQ?

Was there any problems setting up Umax Astra 1220S on a LINUX server using the
SCSI card that comes by default with this scanner?

Dou have any other suggestions for a scanner? I'm planning to spend about $100-200
on it (Umax Astra 1220S is $124 on

Any ideas, suggestions, tips are highly appreciated.

Thanx in advance :-)

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