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Thanks for the email, I had almost given up hope of getting my scanner at work.

On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 11:31:05PM -0000, marcel pol wrote:

>> I own a Microtek Pagewizard 300S, connected with a SCSI adapter (OnSpec
>> 90c26) at the parallell port. With the ppscsi-patch from
>> I got the adapter supported.
>> With the commands sgcheck and find-scanner it finds my scanner.
>> When I use xscanimage it says my adapter is supported, but my scanner isn't.
>> The list at the SANE homepage says also that the Microtek2 parallell port
>> scanners are not being supported.
>> Is there anybody who knows if my scanner is being supported at the moment?

On 28-Nov-99 Bernd Schroeder wrote:

> At least it will not work out of the box. Enable debugging (set
> SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2 to 30) and watch out for a line "Model 0xyz not
> supported". A check for this model code will have to be added to the source.

It gives a line: "model 0x53 not supported".
It also gives: "check inqiury: mi=0x8056a9c"

What do you mean with adding this model code to the source code?
Source code of which program? I guess you mean the program SANE?
I only have experience in compiling the kernel from source code. I hope that is
enough experience.

> Then the backend should at least print the scanner attributes to stderr, if
> 'option dump 1' is set in the microtek2.conf file. It is necessary to know
> these attributes in order to tell you more.

There is not yet a file called stderr.

Marcel Pol

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