sane-v4l2 released

Conrad Parker (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:20:10 +1100

sane-v4l2 is a SANE (scanner) backend using the V4L2 (Video
for Linux Two) API.

To use it, you need a Linux 2.2.x (or late 2.1.x) kernel patched
with V4L2 and appropriate drivers for your video capture card.

This release (25 Nov 1999) is available as a patch against
sane-1.0.1 at:

More information and updates available at:

Currently supported:
* capture using V4L2 ioctl interface
* capture into all non-YUV formats
* V4L2 device configuration
* takes photos into the gimp :)

Currently unsupported:
* capture via V4L2 read interface

Architectures tested: i686 and alpha
Capture cards tested: Winnov Videum PCI, and a generic bt848
Applications tested: [x]scanimage, xcam, gimp

Authors: John Ferlito,
Conrad Parker,

Source code, list archive, and docs:
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