Re: Problems with Umax 1220S

Cyril Y. Nickonorov (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 20:19:18 +0300

Oliver Rauch wrote:
> "Cyril Y. Nickonorov" wrote:
> > Please help me to figure out any possible solution to
> > my problem.
> >
> > I have the following configuration:
> >
> > Linux RH 6.0 on K6-2 box and
> > Umax Astra 1220S connected to Adaptec AHA1542 SCSI host.
> > SANE 1.0.1 as backend and XSANE as frontend.
> >
> > Both sane and xsane compiled without any errors and were
> > installed perfectly. But when I try to scan image, scanner
> > lamp moves forward for about half of an inch and then goes
> > back without making any scan job. Log shows that scanner was
> > initialized well, but "scan-read can't get data from scanner".
> >
> > What's going wrong?
> >
> Do you have terminated both ends of the scsi bus?
> May be it hast to do with the ISA SCSI card,
> do you have the possibility to try a PCI-SCSI card
> (but not the cheap!)

Thank you for the reply, Oliver!

I have both SCSI card termination enabled via it's BIOS
and scanner terminator installed on it. Is this right?
I've also tried to connect scanner to it's proprietary
Domex card and the result was the same: lamp moves a bit
and then parks.
By the way, in Windows everything works fine.


Cyril Y. Nickonorov
MCST Network Administrator

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