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Petter Reinholdtsen (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:24:43 +0800

[Oliver Rauch]
> I think David is the one who did the most work on dll and net, he
> should decide about the patches made to it.

Here I was going to have a long defense of my view of things, but I'll
limit my self to this:

In princible I agree, but as long as David seldom has time to response
to patches, I will use my best judgment to decide if the change should
be included. I've done some bug fixes, and will continue to do so.

In addition I have worked on porting the net backend to Win32, and
might continue with that in the future. I was working on changing the
dll backend to use the ltdl library to make it work on all platforms,
but got busy with other projects. These changes are not included in
CVS, but first released as patches to let people test it. When I am
sure they work, and David does not protest to them, I will include
them in the CVS tree.

> In the moment we talk about a new relase.

Yes. I just added my "rules" to try to stop everyone from sending
patches to me. (All patches should by the way be sent to the list for
review, not to me. :-)

> Changes to sanei-scsi etc. should be discussed with David Mosberger
> and may be Andreas Beck. We have to do a lot of tests before we
> release a version with changes in the sanei-* routines!

I've already added the Digital UNIX 4.0D patches to sanei_scsi.c, and
was planning to include the Linux sg patches when I had time to test
them. As I lack a decent test platform, it will not happen anytime
soon. :-( I will not do big changes to sanei, as I have too little
knowledge on its details.

[Kai Haberzettl]
> Where is [the CVS tree] currently?

Check <URL:>.

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