Re: Questions re Sane API digression & MF Scanner

Ralph Corderoy (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 19:30:31 +0000


> My other question, I'm looking for a film scanner and liked the look
> of the Minolta Dimage series, Minolta don't seem to have any
> supported scanners. Is this because nobody has tried or is it
> because Minolta won't release any information ?

I used to come along and ask this question so I'm happy to provide some
background and see if there is any more news.

Back in July told the list:
> Sigh. I've been in communications with Minolta about getting specs
> for their scanners for nearly a year now. About three or four months
> ago, they told me they were finally preparing a NDA for developers to
> sign, which would be available momentarily.
> No news since. Until Minolta releases those specs, a SANE backend
> will not be possible.

There was some further discussion about whether WINE could be used to
snoop on the Micro$oft driver and reverse-engineer it. Perhaps David
has an update.

Before Christmas I'm planning to pull my finger out and buy the Dimage
Scan Dual. If it doesn't work under Linux I won't be able to use it so
that could kick me into doing something about it.


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