Re: next release?

Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:30:37 +0100

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> When I am
> sure they work, and David does not protest to them, I will include
> them in the CVS tree.

That is what I think, David should have the chance to say anything to it.

> Yes. I just added my "rules" to try to stop everyone from sending
> patches to me. (All patches should by the way be sent to the list for
> review, not to me. :-)

Backend patches shall be sent directly to the backend author - as long as there
is someone who is working on it.

I think it is good if everyone is informad about changes in all backend relevant
changes (like in the sanei_* routines).
May be we should make an ftp site for such patches.

Normally we would need ONE person that takes care about these routines.
I don`t like that everyone can make changes to these routines and there is
nobody who looks at these changes. This is very bad because it can break
every backend because all backends depends on these routines.

So before we do apply any changes to a new release we should at least
take a close look to all changes and make a VERY INTENSIVE TEST PHASE
to make sure the changes do work on almost all systems.

> > Changes to sanei-scsi etc. should be discussed with David Mosberger
> > and may be Andreas Beck. We have to do a lot of tests before we
> > release a version with changes in the sanei-* routines!
> I've already added the Digital UNIX 4.0D patches to sanei_scsi.c, and
> was planning to include the Linux sg patches when I had time to test
> them. As I lack a decent test platform, it will not happen anytime
> soon. :-( I will not do big changes to sanei, as I have too little
> knowledge on its details.

I think for this a sane-devel-CVS would be the first testing place.
I know we talked about a sane-devel-CVS and a sane-sable-CVS,
do we have both?


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