Re: next release?

Petter Reinholdtsen (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 01:17:59 +0800

[Oliver Rauch]
> Normally we would need ONE person that takes care about these
> routines. I don`t like that everyone can make changes to these
> routines and there is nobody who looks at these changes. This is
> very bad because it can break every backend because all backends
> depends on these routines.


I would really like active maintainers for all the SANE source, so I
could concentrate on making patches and send them to the maintainer
for review. As this did not seem to happend, I decided to do the
nesessary work myself until development speed increases again.

> I think for this a sane-devel-CVS would be the first testing place.
> I know we talked about a sane-devel-CVS and a sane-sable-CVS, do we
> have both?

Yes. There are two CVS branches in the tree. One is the releases,
the other is the current development source.

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