Re: Getting a Phantom scanner to work (through Adaptec AVA-1502A)

Bernd Schroeder (
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:12:08 +0100

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 05:57:35PM +0100, Carl-Johan Sveningsson wrote:
> > supported by the microtek2 backend, it won't work at all until this
> > model is known to the backend. Thus it would be interesting what
> > '[something]' is.
> Sorry, forgot to answer this.
> The '[something]' is still unknown. I even went up the attic to find the
> box, and it only says "Microtek Phantom"...sorry, no version number.
> A Phantom 626 anyway?
> Or something... :-)

Maybe it's a Phantom 636. But as long as you keep getting SCSI version 04
you will have to skip the check for the SCSI version in the check_inquiry()
function. If you then enable debugging (SANE_DEBUB_MICROTEK2=30)
it might run long enough to tell you whether your model is supported
or not.

But I fear that you still have a problem with the SCSI setup.

Bernd Schroeder 
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