color trouble with Microtek ScanMaker E6

Klaus Espenlaub (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 16:17:00 +0100

Iīm struggling to get the color scan working. Not that it crashes or
something similar - thatīs perfect.

The problem is that it totally screws the colors. If I scan a light green
piece of paper, it turns into a light blue paper. Everything non-blue
is very dark (I tried several non-paper objects to rule out fluorescent

It seems to be a basic problem in the microtek (NOT microtek2) backend,
because the bug also shows up with the mtekscan standalone program that the
microtek backend was used as a template and command reference.

It canīt be a scanner fault, because both under Windows NT and MacOS the
thing behaves quite nicely.

The Microtek E6īs firmware version is 1.40 (as of the SCSI inquiry results,
which interestingly claim that the scanner supports SCSI level 3).
I used sane 1.0.1 (and xsane 0.42 both as gimp plugin and standalone, as shipped with SuSE 6.2.

I sent an e-mail to the bug report address on the microtek backend WWW page,
but didnīt get a reaction till now. The last change date on the WWW page was
almost a year ago, though.

Does anyone have similar problems or even better a solution for this? Iīd
even try to hunt down the bug if I can get the docs somewhere. Iīm also
interested in reports from other E6 owners that have a working setup -
which firmware revision do you have?

Thanks a lot

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