xsane as gimp plugin

Peter Daum (gator@cs.tu-berlin.de)
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 14:35:17 +0100 (MET)


whenever I scan an image using xsane into gimp, I get a gimp
window with just a dotted yellow line in the middle. The image
actually is o.k., it is only displayed in such a weird way; as I
figured out, the reason for this is, that gimp thinks that the
resolution is set to something like 3.74x0.0 pixel/inch. When I
manually set the resolution to 72x72 ppi or just save and reload
the image, the problem disappears.

I had this phenomenon with several different versions of xsane
(0.39-0.43) and gimp (1.1.10/1.1.11). The problem does not occur
when using xscanimage.


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