Re: color trouble with Microtek ScanMaker E6

Matto Marjanovic (
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 00:27:12 -0500

>The problem is that it totally screws the colors. If I scan a light
>green piece of paper, it turns into a light blue paper. Everything
>non-blue is very dark (I tried several non-paper objects to rule out
>fluorescent paper).
>It seems to be a basic problem in the microtek (NOT microtek2)
>backend, because the bug also shows up with the mtekscan standalone
>program that the microtek backend was used as a template and command

>It canīt be a scanner fault, because both under Windows NT and MacOS the
>thing behaves quite nicely.

This is really a tough one. There seem to be a few undocumented SCSI
commands that the TWAIN driver sends to the E6, and they seem to have
something to do with calibrating the CCD. I discovered this once a
long time ago when I played around with a very limited tool to
monitor Windows scsi transactions.

My best guess is that your scanner needs to see these commands.
Unfortunately, the tool was so limited that I couldn't get enough
information to tell what was going on. And, counting you, only about
three people have ever had this problem; every other E6 scanner seems
to work just fine without these commands. (Including models with the
same firmware rev.)

The backend is really in pretty good shape; I've kind of slipped in
adding stuff to it because the last few things to add involve
tracking down these weird commands by toying with Windows --- what a

Does anyone know of anything I can download to spy on what the Windows
driver is sending back and forth? Last time I tried looking (about a
year ago), it was a frustrating experience. If I had the tool, reverse
engineering the spec would probably be a snap.

-matt m.

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