Scanning in a network with Microtek2

Nicolas Michael (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 20:40:42 +0100

Hi there!

I don't know whether I'm right here but I've been trying to get help
everywhere else I could think of but no one could help me :-(

I've been trying to get a Microtek Scanmaker 636 working in a network
environment. Im using SuSE 6.1 (2.2.5). In this distribution saned
seems to be missing, so I installed SANE 1.0.1-2 from your homepage. I
set everything up properly (at least I think so!?).

Whithout using the "net"-device everything works just fine:
"scanimage -dmicrotek2:/dev/sg0" works with the scanner.
"scanimage -dnet:localhost:microtek2:/dev/sg0" does NOT work (and - what
is more important - scanning from other hosts does not work of course!):
I always get the error message: "scanimage: open of device
net:localhost:microtek2:/dev/sg0 failed: Error during device I/O"

In /var/log/messages there is an entry:
Nov 1 16:35:51 knecht saned[219]: access by root@localhost accepted
Nov 1 16:35:51 knecht kernel: ncr53c810-0-<6,*>: device did not report
Nov 1 16:35:51 knecht saned[219]: exiting

(Device 6 on the NCR-SCSI is the scanner of course.)

Why does scanimage not work with the net device? Why do I only get the
NCR-error message when using the net device? Did I forget to configure
anything properly? Or is there a bug?

Thanks for your help!!


Nicolas Michael

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