Re: xsane-0.41

Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 19:46:25 +0100

Kevin Dalley wrote:

> After I read this email, I double check my version of xsane-0.41 on
> the latest Debian release, and it exhibits the same problem. I cannot
> save files as png. xsane-0.40 (with a patch) also exhibits this
> problems.
> I don't run xsane in stand-alone mode often, and I have never saved a
> file of png straight from xsane, I use gimp for that. Therefore, I
> don't *really* know what it should look like, but save as jpg did work.
> Levente NOVAK <> writes:
> > I compiled xsane-0.41 yesterday, everything went fine. However, even if
> > the program included and linked the PNG library, xsane did not accept this
> > format saying it was not compiled with PNG support. The versions until
> > 0.39 did not show this behaviour (and 0.40 was unable to compile because
> > of the missing include header already discussed on this list).
> > As I did not change anything on my system (Debian Slink) setup and every
> > other program requiring PNG support build well, I suspect it is a bug in
> > xsane-0.41.

The configure script prints at the end wheter png is activated,

what does it print on your system?



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