File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
sanei.h [code]Convenience macros and function declarations for backends
sanei_ab306.h [code]
sanei_access.h [code]Interface file for the sanei_access functions
sanei_auth.h [code]Interface for authorization of resources
sanei_backend.h [code]Compatibility header file for backends
sanei_cderror.h [code]
sanei_codec_ascii.h [code]ASCII codec for network and file transmissions
sanei_codec_bin.h [code]Binary codec for network transmissions
sanei_config.h [code]Generic configuration support
sanei_debug.h [code]Support for printing debug messages
sanei_jinclude.h [code]
sanei_jpeg.h [code]
sanei_lm983x.h [code]Interface files for the NS LM9831/2/3 USB chip
sanei_magic.h [code]This file provides an interface to simple image post-processing functions
sanei_net.h [code]
sanei_pa4s2.h [code]This file implements an interface for the Mustek PP chipset A4S2
sanei_pio.h [code]
sanei_pp.h [code]This file implements an interface for accessing the parallel-port
sanei_pv8630.h [code]
sanei_scsi.h [code]Generic interface to SCSI drivers
sanei_tcp.h [code]
sanei_thread.h [code]Support for forking processes and threading
sanei_udp.h [code]
sanei_usb.h [code]This file provides a generic USB interface
sanei_wire.h [code]

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