SCSI protocol snooping using WINE

Klaus Espenlaub (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 17:50:31 +0100

just wanted to drop a few lines regarding an invaluable reverse engineering
tool: the windows emulator running under Linux. At least the Microtek
TWAIN module runs quite nicely under WINE, so all you need for a reverse
engineering session is a hacked version of wnaspi32.dll (source included
in the WINE sources) that dumps all commands sent to the SG driver to files
on disk, too.

A small problem is that very few scanner programs shipped with the scanners
run under WINE. They just crash WINE. But who didn't expect that - they
crash frequently under Windows, anyway. The solution I found is the TWAIN
capable image viewer IfanView. You should be able to get it where you usually
get Windows shareware/freeware from. It runs nicely, except that you usually
have to select the File|Open dialog once and cancel it before the TWAIN stuff
actually works.

If you have questions about details, just ask. If somebody needs it I can
post my ASPI driver patches to WINE.


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