undefined reference to `sane_pie...`

Dave Restall - System Administrator (dave@restall.net)
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 16:50:23 +0000


It's moving - slowly. I managed to get scanimage working with the pnm
backend :-). I had sane-0.74 installed on the system and when I deleted
that and all the old includes, library files etc. then started off from
scratch with sane-1.01 it went very smoothly. I now see debug messages
that I've pasted into the pnm backend so it appears that I have a clean
build of sane.

I've created a stub backend/pie.c and a stub backend/pie.conf.
I've also worked out that I need to add pie.c to ./backend/Makefile
(perhaps to Makefile.in eventually) in two places (PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS
& libsane-???). It also needs adding to backend/dll-preload.c.

I've done this and the backend compiles, it doesn't link though. It
falls over with :-

...backend/dll.c:512: undefined reference to `sane_pie_start'

which I suspect is because I haven't included the correct files or
because I haven't added my driver to some other config file.

This is where I now need some help, my questions are simple ones, but I
suspect the answers are not so simple to give :-

1) What is the minimum set of #include lines that I need to use in my
backend, I'm currently using sane/sane.h (all that the spec says) and
sane/config.h, sane/sanei.h - simply because these seem popular in all
the other drivers. I don't want to just paste stuff in in the hope that
it will work (adding config and sanei didn't make a difference).

2) In the absence of documentation, what do all the sane specific *.h
files do ? What I mean here is "sanei.h is necessary because without it
X won't work etc".

Sorry to be a pain but the whole documentation is pretty poor when it
comes to building a backend. The upside of all this is that as I get
through each step, I'm documenting what I'm doing so when I get the
backend working there will be an added bonus of a HOWTO to compliment

So send me your emails and ideas.


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