Re: Opinion about SCSI scanner with FreeBSD

David Brodbeck (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:44:56 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, German Jose Gomez Garcia wrote:

> I had bought and AGFA Snapscan 1236 SCSI, and it was my worst
> nightmare. I own a Supermicro P6DBU (dual PII + U2W SCSI) and I was not
> able to make it work using my own controller. The problems started
> because the scanner does not support Sync SCSI, and although I had always
> thought that SCSI setup itself in a per-device basis it only work if I
> disable sync mode in every other device on the same bus.
> Anyway even disabling it the scanner was too broken to work, lots
> of timeouts and SCSI resets got me to give it back, fortunately they
> return me my money.

--> I'm having problems too, but I have to think it's the SANE driver
that's broken, not the scanner. It works flawlessly for me under Win95
on either of the adapters I've tried it on. (Granted, it's the only SCSI
device in my system.) I originally bought it because it got much better
reviews for image quality than the similarly-priced UMAX scanners.

I agree, though, that if you want to use a scanner under FreeBSD, you'd be
better off buying one that's already supported well. I'm not sure when
(if ever) the Agfa back end will be fixed.

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