Re: Error compiling xsane 0.44

Richard Kuhlbars (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 01:12:11 +0100

Oliver Rauch wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> try with
> ./configure --disable-png

That the first I tried after I first had the error, but I did it as root. Guess
it was late. Its compiled know. I do get some error messages when I scan, but
all-in-all its working. Thanks.

> xscanimage is included in sane-1.01.

Oliver, this is odd. I did a find -name 'xscanimage' -print on my complete
harddisk and came up empty handed. Is there something I am missing?

> There will be no "offical" sane frontend in the future and
> no graphical frontend will be included into sane any more.
> Then we will have a sane backend package and different
> frontend packages.
> I think that xsane gets the standard frontend for scanners in that case.

Makes sense.


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