Re: diff/patch (was: Re: HP OfficeJet Pro,R series support

David E. Nelson (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 09:05:38 -0600 (CST)

Hi David,

My personnal take and preference is that you start with a known base (0.83
in this case) and make two copies of it. One tree for development and one
for reference. As you make changes to the dev tree, you release one patch
at a time agaist the reference tree. Of course, you sould add versions to
your patch (dates, version numbers, etc).


> If I make my initial changes available in the form of a patch, then in
> what form should I make further changes available? A patch to my
> patch, or a patch relative to the base code I'm working from (version
> 0.83 of the HP backend)? I don't want to require people to apply

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