Re: diff/patch (was: Re: HP OfficeJet Pro,R series support

David Paschal (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 02:24:32 -0800

Thanks, David and Dave, for the info on diff and patch. My apologies for not
following up earlier. Now for a few more questions...

If I make my initial changes available in the form of a patch, then in what
form should I make further changes available? A patch to my patch, or a
patch relative to the base code I'm working from (version 0.83 of the HP
backend)? I don't want to require people to apply several patches in a row
just to get started. Mind you, I haven't gotten any feedback yet, so either
nobody has had occasion to try it out, or everything's working perfectly. :-)

Given that the HP backend seems pretty stable these days, is there even any
point in generating patches, as opposed to just providing the entirety of
the changed files? (No flames, please -- I'm just wondering!)

So how have other people dealt with branches like this without the benefit
of fancy revision control systems?

David Paschal

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