Re: Microtek Backend

Klaus Espenlaub (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:22:16 +0100

Henrik Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I have still big problems with my Microtek ScanMaker III and Sane.
> Up to now I received no help either from this list or the original coder
> of the microtek backaend.
> Please tell me if there is still someone with knowlwdge of the microtek
> backend who might be able to give some help.

The current microtek backend maintainer is currently busy (final exams).
He will probably be back in a week or so.

Your problem is related to the new gamma table download code introduced in
the microtek backend. I suspect it is because your scanner supports > 24
bit scans. As far as I understand the gamma code, it currently doesn't handle
this (but I haven't found a reason why it should fail).

Quick and dirty hack (disabling gamma tables altogether): edit
sane-1.0.1/backend/microtek.c (function download_gamma) to do
somewhere early. Right before the debug message statement is probably a good

This should make it work again, but without gamma correction support.
For a real solution someone has to find the bug in the SCSI command set

Hope that helps,


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