Re: next release?

Tom Martone (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 12:31:28 -0500

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Oliver Rauch]
> > But I am not sure if all backend authors do use sane CVS. It is
> > important that every backend is up to date in the CVS or is made up
> > to date at least once a month if there have been any important
> > changes.
> Currently you, me, David and Kevin Charter has write access to the CVS
> tree. I believe all backend maintainers should have write access to
> the tree, to keep their backend up to date.
> Some days ago, when I found time to look at SANE again, I scanned thru
> the mailing list, and included the latest backend versions I found
> announced there. I probably missed some, but I hope the next snapshot
> will contain most of the updated backends.
> This is then a call to all maintainers to let me know if I forgot
> their backend when updating. Check the ChangeLog, and send me an
> email if you want your backend updated.

I have a backend for Bell+Howell CopiscanII series scanners (sane-bh)
I'd like to contribute. I'll need just a bit more time to acquainted
the CVS procedures and such and deliver the code; maybe a week or two at
most. I'll contact you shortly for write access, if necessary.

Thanks a lot for your coordination efforts.

Tom Martone

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