Re: XScan progress

Stefano Gaffuri (stefano@suntlc)
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 09:16:55 -0100 (GMT)

On 23 Feb, wrote:
> Tristan Tarrant writes:
>>preview hasn't gone very far because my Umax scanner doesn't have a
>>sane backend (Michael do you hear ?:-)
> I will have no time to do that in the next several months, anyway.
> 0.5 would be reasonably easy for someone who already knows sane to
> shove into the sane framework as a one-shot port, and later versions
> will be easier to map into the framework in a way that is more
> maintainable. But I've got committments that I've got to meet, and
> I can't work on it until at least summer.
> Sorry,

If you don't mind, I can be the person for the job. In fact I've had a
look at the code, and it doesn't seem too difficult...