Backends (Drivers)

(old version SANE-1.0.3)

The following table summarizes the backends/drivers distributed with the old version sane-1.0.3, and the hardware or software they support. When you experience any problems please update to the most recent SANE version before you send any bug reports or ask for help, your problem may be solved in the most recent SANE version.

This is only a summary! Please consult the manpages and the author-supplied webpages for more detailed (and usually important) information concerning each backend. But be aware: the manpage and the author's webpages deal with the most recent backend version!

There are special tables for parallel port and USB scanners from Jonathan Buzzard.

(For an explanation of the table, see the legend.)

Backend Version Status Supported Devices Manual Page
Manufacturer Model Interface Comment
abaton 0.1 alpha Abaton Scan 300/GS SCSI All known modes and functions supported sane-abaton
Scan 300/S SCSI Untested, use with caution
agfafocus 0.2 alpha AGFA Focus GS Scanner SCSI 6 bit gray sane-agfafocus
Focus Lineart Scanner SCSI Lineart only? Untested.
Focus II SCSI gray only
Focus Color SCSI  
Focus Color Plus SCSI 3-pass
Siemens S9036 SCSI gray only
apple 0.31 alpha Apple Apple Scanner SCSI 4bit, 16 shades of gray sane-apple
OneScanner SCSI 8bit, 256 shades of gray. The backend needs work especially in the quantization code but it may work.
ColorOneScanner SCSI truecolor (needs much work) but it scans in non color modes.
artec 0.5.14 stable Artec/Ultima AT3 SCSI all modes working sane-artec
A6000C SCSI all modes working
A6000C PLUS SCSI f/w <= v1.92 alpha, f/w >= v1.93 OK
AT6 SCSI Unknown - please try
AT12 SCSI all modes working
AM12S SCSI all modes working
parallel models Parport Unsupported, see
USB models USB Unsupported.
BlackWidow BW4800SP SCSI rebadged Artec AT3
Plustek OpticPro 19200S SCSI rebadged Artec AM12S
as6e (0.4.0) alpha Artec/Ultima AS6E Parport all modes working ?
avision 0.2.1 beta Avision AV 6240 SCSI 1 pass, ??? DPI sane-avision
AV 630 CS SCSI 1 pass, 1200*600 DPI
AV 620 CS SCSI 1 pass, 1200*600 DPI
bh (0.1) NEW! Bell and Howell COPISCAN II 6338 SCSI Duplex Scanner with ACE - development model ?
COPISCAN II 2135 - not tested SCSI Simplex Scanner
COPISCAN II 2137(A) - limited testing SCSI Simplex Scanner (with ACE)
COPISCAN II 2138A - not tested SCSI Simplex Scanner with ACE
COPISCAN II 3238 - not tested SCSI Simplex Scanner
COPISCAN II 3338(A) - not tested SCSI Simplex Scanner (with ACE)
canon 0.1 alpha Canon CanoScan 300 SCSI 1 pass; flatbed scanner sane-canon
CanoScan 600 SCSI 1 pass; flatbed scanner
CanoScan 2700F SCSI 1 pass; film scanner
coolscan 0.4.3 alpha Nikon LS-20 SCSI The LS-20 has been replaced by the LS-30 sane-coolscan
LS-30 SCSI alpha: only 24/30 bit RGB + 32/40 bit RGBI
LS-2000 SCSI alpha: only 24/36 bit + RGB 32/48 bit RGBI
LS-1000 SCSI Doesn't support gamma correction
dc210 0.0 alpha Kodak DC210 Serial port   sane-dc210
dc25 1.2 beta Kodak DC25 Serial port   sane-dc25
DC20 Serial port DC-20 untested by author but reported to work
dll 0.73 beta Dynamic loading of shared-library backends.     sane-dll
dmc 1.0 stable Polaroid DMC SCSI   sane-dmc
epson 0.1.33 beta Epson GT-5000 Parport   sane-epson
Actionscanner II Parport US version of GT-5000
GT-6000 Parport  
ES-300C Parport US version of GT-6000
GT-5500 SCSI  
GT-6500 Parport  
ES-600C Parport US version of GT-6500
ES-1200C Parport US version of GT-9000
GT-7000 SCSI  
Perfection 636S SCSI US version of GT-7000
Perfection 636U USB  
Perfection 610 USB  
Perfection 1200S SCSI  
Perfection 1200U USB  
Perfection 1200Photo USB with TPU
Expression 636 SCSI  
Expression 800 SCSI  
FilmScan 200 SCSI A better backend for the FilmScan 200 can be found at
hp 0.88 beta HP HP ScanJet Plus Propietary Driver for HP parallel interface card required sane-hp
HP ScanJet IIc SCSI  
HP ScanJet IIp SCSI  
HP ScanJet IIcx SCSI  
HP ScanJet 3c SCSI  
HP ScanJet 3p SCSI  
HP ScanJet 4c SCSI  
HP ScanJet 4p SCSI  
HP ScanJet 4100C USB  
HP ScanJet 5p SCSI  
HP ScanJet 5100C Parport Requires ppscsi driver and epst module
HP ScanJet 5200C Parport USB Parallel interface requires ppscsi driver and epst module
HP ScanJet 6100C SCSI  
HP ScanJet 6200C SCSI USB  
HP ScanJet 6250C SCSI USB  
HP ScanJet 6300C SCSI USB  
HP ScanJet 6350C SCSI USB  
HP PhotoSmart PhotoScanner SCSI  
hp4200 (0.1) alpha HP HP4200 USB 8bpp, 150/300/600 dpi only, and scanned image needs postprocessing ?
lhii (0.1) alpha Linux Drivers for Handheld Scanners Proprietary   ?
m3096g 1.11 beta Fujitsu M3096G SCSI   sane-fujitsu
microtek 0.12.1 beta Microtek Scanmaker E6 SCSI   sane-microtek
Scanmaker E3 SCSI  
Scanmaker E2 SCSI 3-pass
Scanmaker 35t+ SCSI slide-scanner
Scanmaker 45t SCSI slide-scanner
Scanmaker 35 SCSI slide-scanner
Scanmaker III SCSI  
Scanmaker IISP SCSI  
Scanmaker IIHR SCSI 3-pass
Scanmaker IIG SCSI gray only
Scanmaker II SCSI 3-pass
Scanmaker 600Z(S) SCSI untested (color?)
Scanmaker 600G(S) SCSI gray only (see manpage)
Color PageWiz SCSI (Parport) sheet-fed (preliminary, see mapage)
Agfa Arcus II SCSI Arcus *II*, not Arcus!
StudioScan SCSI  
StudioScan II SCSI  
StudioScan IIsi SCSI  
DuoScan SCSI preliminary
microtek2 pre0.8.161099 alpha Microtek parallel models unsupported Parport   sane-microtek2
ScanMaker V300 SCSI  
ScanMaker V310 SCSI  
ScanMaker V600 SCSI  
ScanMaker E3plus SCSI  
ScanMaker X6 SCSI  
ScanMaker X6EL SCSI  
ScanMaker X6USB USB  
ScanMaker 330 SCSI  
ScanMaker 630 SCSI  
ScanMaker 636 SCSI  
ScanMaker 9600XL SCSI only flatbed mode ?
Phantom 636 SCSI  
Vobis HighScan SCSI only E3plus based models
mustek 1.0-96 beta Mustek Paragon MFS-6000CX SCSI 3-pass sane-mustek
Paragon MFS-12000CX SCSI 3-pass
Paragon MFC-600S SCSI  
Paragon 600 II CD SCSI  
ScanMagic 600 II SP SCSI  
Paragon MFC-800S SCSI  
Paragon 800 II SP SCSI  
Paragon MFS-6000SP SCSI  
Paragon MFS-8000SP SCSI  
Paragon MFS-1200SP SCSI  
Paragon MFS-12000SP SCSI  
ScanExpress 6000SP SCSI  
ScanExpress 12000SP SCSI  
ScanExpress 12000SP Plus SCSI  
Paragon 1200 III SP SCSI  
ScanMagic 9636S SCSI  
ScanMagic 9636S Plus SCSI  
Paragon 1200 A3 Pro SCSI Please test!
Paragon 600 II N Proprietary  
Trust Imagery 1200 SP SCSI Please test!
Imagery 4800 SP SCSI Please test!
SCSI Connect 19200 SCSI Please test!
mustek_pp 6 alpha Mustek ScanExpress 6000 P Parport (EPP) works sane-mustek_pp
ScanMagic 4800 P Parport (EPP) works
ScanExpress 1200 ED Plus Parport (EPP) doesn't work yet
ScanMagic 1200 ED Plus Parport (EPP) doesn't work yet
ScanExpress 12000 P Parport (EPP) doesn't work
600 III EP Plus Parport (SPP,EPP) works
ScanExpress 600 SEP Parport (EPP) works
Medion MD9848 Parport (SPP) aka. ``Aldi Scanner'' - works
nec (0.10) beta NEC PC-IN500/4C SCSI PC-IN500/4C was sold only in JAPAN ?
PC-IN600,700,800 series SCSI, USB PC-IN600,700,800 series is not supported
net 0.73 beta Network access to saned servers     sane-net
pint ? alpha Scanners with the machine-independent PINT interface     sane-pint
plustek 0.36 stable Plustek OpticPro 4800P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK sane-plustek
OpticPro 4830P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 600P/6000P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 4831P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 9630P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 9630PL Parport (SPP, EPP) OK - use driver-switch mov=1
OpticPro 12000P/96000P Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 9636P Parport (SPP, EPP) Not tested, but should work.
OpticPro 9636P+/Turbo Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 9636T Parport (SPP, EPP) OK
OpticPro 12000T Parport (SPP, EPP) Not tested, but should work.
OpticPro AI3 Parport Not supported.
OpticPro P8 Parport Not supported.
OpticPro P12 Parport Not supported.
OpticPro PT12 Parport Not supported.
OpticPro 19200S SCSI rebadged Artec AM12S (supported by Artec Backend)
OpticPro 1212U/U12/UT12 USB Not supported.
Primax Colorado 4800 Parport (SPP, EPP) Not tested, (same as OP4800P)
Compact 4800 Direct Parport (SPP, EPP) OK - use driver-switch mov=2
Compact 4800 Direct-30 Parport (SPP, EPP) Not tested, (same as OP4830P)
Compact 9600 Direct-30 Parport (SPP, EPP) Not tested, (same as OP9630P)
pnm ? beta Reads PNM files   Used for debugging frontends sane-pnm
qcam ? alpha Connectix Color QuickCam Parport Require root privileges. sane-qcam
Greyscale QuickCam Parport Require root privileges. Partly working.
ricoh ? alpha Ricoh Ricoh IS50 SCSI ? sane-ricoh
Ricoh IS60 SCSI ?
s9036 ? alpha Siemens 9036 Flatbed scanner SCSI   sane-s9036
sharp 0.31 beta SHARP JX-610 SCSI sane-sharp
SnapScan 0.7 alpha AGFA SnapScan 300 SCSI Only 8 bits/sample at present. sane-snapscan
SnapScan 310 SCSI Ditto
SnapScan 600 SCSI Ditto
SnapScan 1236s SCSI Ditto. Have no specific programming info yet.
Vuego 310s SCSI Close SnapScan 310 compatible.
Acer 310s SCSI Same thing as the Vuego 310s.
610s SCSI  
610plus SCSI Seems to be a close SnapScan 310/600 compatible.
Prisa 620s SCSI Seems to be a close SnapScan 310/600 compatible.
Guillemot International Maxi Scan A4 Deluxe (SCSI) SCSI May be a repackaged Vuego 310s or SnapScan 310s.
sp15c 1.12 beta Fujitsu Computer Products of America SP15C SCSI   sane-fujitsu
st400 1.6 alpha Siemens ST400 SCSI   sane-st400
ST800 SCSI 6 bit gray
tamarack 0.5 beta Tamarack Artiscan 6000C SCSI 3 pass, 300 DPI sane-tamarack
Artiscan 8000C SCSI 3 pass, 400 DPI
Artiscan 12000C SCSI 3 pass, 600 DPI
umax 1.0-21 stable UMAX parallel scanners Parallel Not supported - will propably never be supported by this backend sane-umax
USB scanners USB Not supported - will propably never be supported by this backend
Vista S6 SCSI OK
Vista-S8 SCSI OK
Supervista S-12 SCSI OK
Astra 600S SCSI OK
Astra 610S SCSI OK
Astra 1200S SCSI OK
Astra 1220S SCSI OK
Astra 2200 (SU) SCSI OK
Astra 2400S SCSI OK
Mirage D-16L SCSI OK
Mirage II SCSI Not tested
Mirage IIse SCSI Not tested
PowerLook SCSI Not tested
PL-II SCSI Not tested
PowerLook 2000 SCSI Not tested
PowerLook 3000 SCSI Not tested
Gemini D-16 SCSI OK
UMAX VT600 SCSI not tested
Vista-T630 SCSI OK for some firmwareversions, on others only lineart OK
UC 630 SCSI Version 1.6(?) or 2.8(?) OK, others only lineart OK
UC 840 SCSI Version 1.6 OK, others only lineart OK
UC 1200S SCSI unknown - please try
UC 1200SE SCSI unknown - please try
UC 1260 SCSI Version 1.6 OK, others unknown
Linotype Hell Jade SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=LinoHell Office
Jade2 SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=LinoHell Office2
Saphir SCSI Not tested
Saphir Ultra SCSI Not tested
Saphir Ultra II SCSI Not tested
Saphir HiRes SCSI Not tested
Opal SCSI Not tested
Opal Ultra SCSI Not tested
Vobis/Highscreen Scanboostar Premium SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=LinoHell Office2
Escom Image Scanner 256 SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=UMAX UG 80
Nikon AX-210 SCSI OK
Genius ColorPage-HR5 (Pro) SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=KYE ColorPage-HR5
Epson Perfection 600 SCSI OK, SCSI-ID=EPSON Perfection600
v4l 0.1 alpha Interface to Video For Linux API     sane-v4l
v4l2 (19991125) alpha Interface to Video For Linux 2 API     ?


Name of the backend, with a link to more extensive and detailed information, if it exists.
Version of backend/driver distributed in the lastest SANE release. Newer versions may be available from their home sites. If the version number is in parentheses, the backend is not included in the SANE distribution.
A vague indication of robustness and reliability.
  • NEW! means brand-new to the current release of SANE.
  • alpha means it must do something, but is not very well tested, probably has bugs, and may even crash your system, etc., etc.
  • beta means it works pretty well, and looks stable and functional, but not bullet-proof.
  • stable means someone is pulling your leg.
Supported Devices:
Which hardware the backend supports.
Manual Page:
A link to the man-page on-line, if it exists.

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