Re: Umax Parallel

Jonathan A. Buzzard (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 10:07:21 +0000 said:
> ... or you could try to get the TWAIN driver running under WINE. Open
> source emulators (WINE, dosemu, ...) are a great reverse engineering
> tool, because decent operating systems can control almost anything
> going on inside the system/computer hardware. So WINE has some code
> that actually does the printer port emulation. At least it should.

Been tried, unfortunately the Windows scanner drivers make use of .vxd's
which Wine does not support. The run well under VMware but it provides
no method of logging the parallel port at the moment.

> By the way: is their scanner driven by a SCSI-over-parallel protocol
> (which means that there is some SCSI driver installed by the Umax
> software) or is it some fully proprietary protocol? If it's SCSI then
> you can cut a few corners.

It's totally proprietary, though I believe UMAC licensed it to other
scanner manufactures.


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