Re: Problem with SANE and SCSI scanner

Manuel Panea (
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 12:19:29 +0100


Hi, Laura and everyone who has followed this thread.

I have put together all things which Laura has tried. I find the results

1) Is Linux seeing the scanner? Yes:

> sh-2.03$ cat /proc/scsi/scsi
> Attached devices:
> Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 02 Lun: 00
> Vendor: CANON Model: IX-06015C Rev: 2.02
> Type: Scanner ANSI SCSI revision: 02

2) Does "find-scanner" find the scanner? Yes:

> [root@c554912-a ldewitt]# find-scanner
> find-scanner: found scanner "CANON IX-06015C 2.02" at device /dev/sg0
> find-scanner: found scanner "CANON IX-06015C 2.02" at device /dev/sga

3) Does "scanimage" find the scanner? No!:

> [root@c554912-a ldewitt]# scanimage --list-devices

> sh-2.03$ scanimage -d /dev/sga
> scanimage: open of device /dev/sga failed: Invalid argument

> sh-2.03$ scanimage -d /dev/sg0
> scanimage: open of device /dev/sg0 failed: Invalid argument

4) Why not? Let's see some debugging information:

> sh-2.03$ export SANE_DEBUG_CANON=128
> sh-2.03$ scanimage --list-devices
> [sanei_init_debug]: Setting debug level of canon to 128.
> [canon] >> sane_init
> [canon] sane_init: sane 1.0.1
> [canon] >> attach_one
> [canon] >> attach
> [canon] attach: opening /dev/scanner
> [canon] attach: open failed: Access to resource has been denied
> [canon] << attach_one
> [canon] << sane_init
> [canon] >> sane_get_devices
> [canon] << sane_get_devices
> [canon] >> sane_exit
> [canon] << sane_exit

5) Aha! Maybe she tried "find-scanner" as root and "scanimage" as a
normal user, so she has no access to the device? Wrong! See the

> [root@c554912-a ldewitt]# ls -l /dev/sg0 /dev/sga
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 Nov 10 03:57 /dev/sg0 -> sga
> crwxrwxrwx 1 root cdwriter 21, 0 May 5 1998 /dev/sga
> [root@c554912-a ldewitt]# ls -l /dev/scanner
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 8 Nov 24 19:54 /dev/scanner -> /dev/sga

I checked the "find-scanner" sources and the SANE sources to see in what
way they could be doing things differently. But they do the same thing,

sanei_scsi_open(devname, &fd, NULL, NULL);

Apparently, on Laura's system, this works for "find-scanner" but not
for "scanimage". This, of course, is impossible, but Laura's system
doesn't seem to care.

Does anyone know how this could be happenning?

Just to be sure, I would ask Laura to try the following things, in this order,
and tell us what the output is:

1) Switch on the scanner, then the computer, then log in as "root".

2) Do 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi'

3) Do 'find-scanner'

4) Do 'export SANE_DEBUG_CANON=128' and 'export SANE_DEBUG_SANEI=128', then
'scanimage --list-devices'

5) Do 'scanimage -d canon:/dev/sga'

6) Do 'ls -l /dev/sga /dev/scanner'


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