Re: Problem with SANE and SCSI scanner

Laura DeWitt (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:03:38 -0600

> > One additional piece of information, when I try to run the scanimage
> > command as root, it gets to the attach step and then locks up my machine.
> > I can't break out of it with a <ctrl><alt><del>, I have to powercycle.
> >
> Do you have the generic scsi driver (sg) installed?

Is this what you mean? I have an adaptec1520 SCSI card. The install was not
able to autoprobe it, I had to specify options.

sh-2.03$ ls /dev/sg*
/dev/sg0 /dev/sg13 /dev/sg3 /dev/sg8 /dev/sgd /dev/sgi /dev/sgn
/dev/sg1 /dev/sg14 /dev/sg4 /dev/sg9 /dev/sge /dev/sgj /dev/sgo
/dev/sg10 /dev/sg15 /dev/sg5 /dev/sga /dev/sgf /dev/sgk /dev/sgp
/dev/sg11 /dev/sg16 /dev/sg6 /dev/sgb /dev/sgg /dev/sgl /dev/sgq
/dev/sg12 /dev/sg2 /dev/sg7 /dev/sgc /dev/sgh /dev/sgm

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