Are Mustek "Paragon A3 SP" and "Paragon 1200SP" supported (repost)
26 Nov 1999 15:46:13 -0500

Hi all:

Since I haven't received any responses to my previous message of a
couple of days ago, here it goes again. ;^(

I'm looking into getting a Mustek Paragon A3 SP or Paragon 1200SP
scanner. I am wondering about their compatibility with sane. Both are
SCSI interface, and listed as "PC and Mac compatible". Both come with
a SCSI adapter (but I have a SCSI card of my own, too).

1. There is no mention of the "A3 SP" on the hardware list. It looks
like it's a newer model than the 1200SP (judging from Mustek's
website). How would I find out A3 SP's identifier? Here's a link to
its specs:

2. The hardware list mentions Mustek MFS-1200SP. Is it safe to presume
that Paragon 1200SP *is* MFS-1200SP?

Please, I *really* need an answer to the question, before I go and buy
either of them.

Thanks for any advice!

p.s. I wish the mailing list archives were searcheable.

Arcady Genkin

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