Re: no SG__BIG_BUF in kernel 2.2.12

joakim verona (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:06:23 +0100


I'm sorry for my inprecise description of my problem.

stock rh61 kernel, 2.2.12-20
adaptec 1505 scsi card(aha 152x driver)
dual celeron machine

snapscan backend 0.7

everything WAS working before i did a lot of upgrades of everything.
before i was running rh52, sane 1.0, backend 0.7(i think)
and it was a single amd k6-2 cpu.

AND i tested a simmilar configuration with my laptop running the same
linux stuff,
but with an adaptec pcmcia card. results are the same.

and, well, it works under windows.
termination seems ok and all. the scanner is the only thing on that
i have a tekram dc390 for other devices.

when i used sane-1.0.1, i could get nothing out of the scanner, with
sane-devel-19991119 i can do previews fine, but not scan entire images.
this is why i thought SG_BIGBUF would solve it, since small scans work.

the thing is very mysterious, other people seem to use the same config
as I and gets it working.

Kevin Charter wrote:
> > I've been trying now and then for some time to get my snapscan 300 to
> > work.
> > with the latest developer snapshot i had partial success, i could at
> > least do a preview scan with xscanimage, but when i try to do a full
> > scan it hangs after scanning a fraction of the image.
> By "latest developer snapshot" do you mean the latest sources in the
> CVS archive, the lastest backend available from my website, or
> SANE 1.0.1?
> >
> > so i've read some of the advice on the list and was going to try to
> > increase the SG_BIG_BUF parameter in sg.h. But there seems to be no such
> > parameter in kernel 2.2.12!
> >
> > is SG_BIG_BUF still applicable, or what?
> I believe SG_BIG_BUF isn't used anymore. My SnapScan 300 works fine with
> kernel 2.2.10 without such a modification.
> Kevin
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Joakim Verona

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