Re: Acer 310s?

Russ Burdick (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 23:19:47 -0600 (EST)

On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Kevin Charter wrote:
> >
> > i'm using sane 1.0.1 and have tried both the src-0.8 and src-1.0 patches
> > available on your site with the same results. if there is something else i
> > missed or should try then just let me know. thanks,
> Right now I don't have any suggestions for other things to try. I guess
> you could try sending me a sample image or two to look at (though if
> it's the same problem as I've seen before, that might not do much good).
> Try seeing if images less than 64kb long scan OK. It's probably best to
> use greyscale for this. I assume that the problem is the same
> regardless of the scanning mode, right? With what I've been told before,
> the first 64kb or so of image data is OK, and then after that it becomes
> garbled.

ok, finally have gotten my scanner to cooperate with my scsi hard drive so
i can go back to getting this thing to work. i have checked what you just
said and i am able to get greyscale images less than 64k to scan in ok. i
tried a color image at 59.9k and the top half of it was fine, but then it
got worse towards the bottom. if you'd like to see i can send you some of
these. i should probably note that i'm basically going blind because the
preview in xscanimage/xsane isnt showing me much. i can choose pretty much
any section which is <64k an it will get at least part of it scanned in
ok. very small scans (~15-20k) seem to come out great.

> A fellow mailed me a couple of days ago saying his SnapScan 600 would
> scan in colour mode really slowly (about half an hour for a full-size
> image). He found that there were two sg.h files on his system, that they
> were different, and that the scsi driver and sane seemed to be using
> different ones. You might want to run
> find /usr/include -name "sg.h" -exec ls -l {} \;
> on your system and see what it turns up. Maybe something similar is
> going on here. It's a long shot, but worth trying.

checked that and it doesnt find anything. i also did a

diff /usr/src/linux/include/scsi/sg.h /usr/include/scsi/sg.h

which i saw someone else mention and there was no difference.

> BTW what versions of the kernel and SANE are you using? (Sorry if I asked
> this before)

kernel 2.2.13 and sane-1.0.1.

> Kevin
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> Kevin Charter
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if you have any other suggestions, just let me know. i should be able to
pick at this now. let me konw if you'd like to see some samples of what
i'm getting in as well as what the previews are looking like. thanks,


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