Mustek Paragon A3 SP / 1200SP
25 Nov 1999 11:35:05 -0500

Good time of day!

I'd appreciate to hear oppinions on the following two models by

1. A3 SP
2. 1200SP

I looked at the Sane hardware list, but the Mustek scanners listed
there have different model numbers... Both of these scanners are SCSI

It turned out that it's not that easy to find a SCSI scanner here
(Toronto) at an affordable price... These two are on sale in an outlet

Thanks for any opinions and/or pointers to other viable
alternatives. I need scanner rarely, but I prefer to have one
around (don't want to spend a lot for it, but I want it to work
reliably under Linux).

p.s. I posted this last night. Since I haven't received a copy of my
own post, I' reposting my question. Sorry if this results in a
duplicate post for some of you.

Arcady Genkin                      
"'What good is my pity? Is not the pity the cross upon which he who
loves man is nailed?..'" (Zarathustra - F. Nietzsche)

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