Re: Problem with SANE and SCSI scanner

Laura DeWitt (
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 18:10:51 -0600

> > > [ldewitt]# scanimage --device sga -- help
> > ^^^
> > Try using /dev/sga here.
> canon:/dev/sga
> would be better!

SANE still cannot find my scanner. The find-scanner command can. Is there
some kind of configuration file that I need to modify?

[ldewitt]# scanimage --device canon:/dev/sga --help
Usage: scanimage [OPTION]...

Start image acquisition on a scanner device and write PNM image data to
standard output.

-d, --device-name=DEVICE use a given scanner device
-h, --help display this help message and exit
-L, --list-devices show available scanner devices
-T, --test test backend thoroughly
-v, --verbose give even more status messages
-V, --version print version information
scanimage: open of device canon:/dev/sga failed: Invalid argument
Type ``scanimage --help -d DEVICE'' to get list of all options for DEVICE.

List of available devices:

Source code, list archive, and docs:
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