Update of the microtek2 backend

Bernd Schroeder (bernd@aquila.muc.de)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 18:07:58 +0100


I have uploaded a new release of the microtek2 backend to

ftp://ftp.muc.de/people/bernds/mtek2/microtek2.0.8.tar.gz .


- Some minor bugfixes for X6, Scanmaker636, X6EL and similar models.

- This version supports now a scanning direction of 'right to left',
i.e. the problem of mirrorred images should disappear.

- Gamma correction should now work for the V6USL and Phantom 636cx.

- This version was originally intended to better support models like the
Phantom 636cx or maybe the Phantom 336cx.
However, although I made some major additions images on the Phantom 636cx
will probably still look vertically striped. Anybody who wants to try the
changes must set 'option backend-calibration on' in the microtek2.conf
file and check 'calibration by backend' in the advanced option set.


Bernd Schroeder 
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