Numbering schemes for snapshots

Kevin Dalley (
20 Nov 1999 02:29:00 -0400

I would like the snapshots to be numbered so that it is obvious:

1. Whether one snapshot is more recent than another snapshot.

2. Whether a snaphot is more recent than an official release, and
vice versa.

I prefer that the release numbers are monotonically increasing.

I package versions of sane for Debian and I want the automatic
updating to work flawlessly, whether I package an official release or
a snapshot. Currently, I am using a version number of
1.0.1-1999-10-21, which uses the CVS tag DEVEL_1_9. Perhaps 1.0.1-1.9
would make more sense as a version number. By including the 1.0.1
version number, I can make sure that 1.0.2, when it gets release, will
be greater than 1.0.1-1999-10-21-5. It is nice to know that 1.0.2 >
1.0.1-1999-10-19-21 > 1.0.1.

I don't really know how the versions should be numbered, but I like
including the 1.0.1 in the release number.

Are there any other ideas out there.

Kevin Dalley

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