Re: Mustek SE 12000SP Pro with Domex DMX3191 PCI SCSI controler

Klaas Freitag (
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:55:54 +0100

> I recently bought a $SUBJECT. It did not run with my Dawicontrol
> SCSI Adapter under NT, so I addatched it to the DMX3191 that came
> with the scanner. Apparently this is a different adapter than
> the DTC3181 that used to be delivered with these scanners in the past,
> so I hope that it is better than the DTC3181.

I have the same scanner - probably with the old scanner adapter - which was
a boring ISA card and didnt work (at all) under linux.

You can try the lspci -v command to find out a bit more about the card (Chip,
vendor etc). You need to be root to execute lspci -v.

Which Dawicontrol adapter do you have ? There are driver for different
Dawicontrol adapter for linux - see for example the hardware database under
or as a portal.

> - Supposed that I finally find a driver, will my Scanner work with
> SANE? I simply don't know in how far the "Pro"
> is different from the SE 12000SP, which is supported by SANE.

Yepp, my SP 12000SP is working fine with SANE on a cheap NCR adapter.


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