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Petter Reinholdtsen (
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 22:44:34 +0800

[Oliver Rauch]
> I think we should make more CVS snapshots and put a link from the
> sane homepage to the current stable CVS snapshot.

That would be a good idea. My page with into on how to get the CVS
tree should also be moved to the SANE homepage. If I knew there was
interest, I could make daily or weekly snapshots available from my web

> But I am not sure if all backend authors do use sane CVS. It is
> important that every backend is up to date in the CVS or is made up
> to date at least once a month if there have been any important
> changes.

Currently you, me, David and Kevin Charter has write access to the CVS
tree. I believe all backend maintainers should have write access to
the tree, to keep their backend up to date.

Some days ago, when I found time to look at SANE again, I scanned thru
the mailing list, and included the latest backend versions I found
announced there. I probably missed some, but I hope the next snapshot
will contain most of the updated backends.

This is then a call to all maintainers to let me know if I forgot
their backend when updating. Check the ChangeLog, and send me an
email if you want your backend updated.

> We should call out an "keep the CVS code up to date"-phase now and
> some weeks later we should call a "test the CVS version"-phase.
> Some more weeks later we should call a "code freeze - only
> bugfixes"-phase. Then we can use CVS to get a new, STABLE version!

Good idea. I'm working on it.

To make sure everyone understands how this works, I'll try to outline
how and when I will change the CVS tree. The punchline is : I will
not change backends. All backend updates (except dll and net) must be
sent to the backend maintainer, which will review the patch and
possibly take it. If the backend maintainer releases a new backend or
want me to update the tree, I will update tree. dll and net are
special as there is no current maintainer. I will review the patch
and commit it if I like it. :-)

For all the other code, I will update if I am pretty sure the change
not breaks something else, or if it is a bugfix. All changes to the
logic or API must be approved by discussions on this list, and I
expect such changes to be done by David directly.

All patches must include a ChangeLog. No ChangeLog -> no CVS update
(unless it fixes some of my problems with SANE - as usual :-).

All this should be common sense. :-)

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