Re: Getting a Phantom scanner to work (through Adaptec AVA-1502A)

Bob van der Poel (
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 20:16:42 +0000

Browsing a totally unrelated message I read the following suggestion:

> I am using the following two lines:
> post-install sg modprobe aha152x
> options aha152x aha152x=0x140,10,7,1,1
> This will automatically load the needed modules, when the scanner
> is used for the first time.

I've always loaded the aha152x module by hand, but this does work. Not
that it is important to do this since memory isn't really all that
scarce...but if I do a "rmmod aha152x" and then try to run xsane again,
it will not load the module. Demonstrating my total ignorance of module
loading: how come?

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