Re: Mustek SE 12000SP Pro with Domex DMX3191 PCI SCSI controler

Joern Krueger (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 20:04:42 +0100

Juergen Gerhard wrote:
> - Supposed that I finally find a driver, will my Scanner work with
> SANE? I simply don't know in how far the "Pro"
> is different from the SE 12000SP, which is supported by SANE.

I recently bougth the 12000 SP Plus and it seems to work fine with
my Dawicontrol 2976 (UW).

After changing the mustek.* files and a recompile I get nice pictures
with xsane.

Perhaps the 12000SP Pro is compatible with the 120000SP Plus which
is (for my needs) compatible with the 12000SP. :-)

Bye, Joern

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