Re: Getting a Phantom scanner to work (through Adaptec AVA-1502A)

Carl-Johan Sveningsson (
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 17:17:39 +0100 (CET)

Hello again, thanks for the reply.

> It is normal that the vendor string for Microtek scanners consists
> of eight spaces. However, normally the model is specified more
> exact, for instance 'Scanner 636A4'. If it is a model which should be
> supported by the microtek2 backend, it won't work at all until this
> model is known to the backend. Thus it would be interesting what
> '[something]' is.

Yeah, I think I understood that getting _some_ more support through sg
would be important.
I used the 2.2.13 sg.c, so now I'm compiling a kernel with the 2.3.25 sg.c
copied into the tree. Maybe it works better.

Another thing, the scsi-adapter-driver (aha152x.o), what should I alias it
to in /etc/conf.modules? Off topic, but I need to find out...

Should sg.o be aliased to something?

> The backend does some checks on the inquiry information, and refuses
> to work if it finds information, that it doesn't expect. For instance
> the models it supports are all SCSI-2 devices, and therefore
> it checks for an ANSI SCSI revision of 02.

Ummm...I think I only have scsi1 or something...hope that's not a
problem. I don't know myself why it says 04.
/proc/scsi/aha152x/0 says $Revision: 1.7 $, if it is relevant...

> Then the backend checks for a model code. You should enable
> debugging (set SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK2=30) to get the model code, once
> you get past the check for the SCSI version.

Yeah. I'll do that, when the adapter is working properly?


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