Re: sane doesnt work under red hat 6.1 (again)!

Giovanni Biscuolo (
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 14:49:35 +0100

Luca Del Signore wrote:
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> Dear sirs
> i have the following problems with SANE and red hat 6.1
> I installed the right rpm packages for my red hat 6.1:
> sane-1.0.1-4.i386.rpm
> sane-devel-1.0.1-4.i386.rpm
> from the red hat ftp site, so it should work.
> Instead, when i type "xscanimage" or "scanimage \d artec /dev/scanner...." i always receive the follow error message:
> " Segmentation fault (core dumped).
> If it's not enough, the gimp menu bar doesnt show the "acquire image" option, even if i created the symlink to the /usr/lib/gimp/1.0/plug-ins directory.
> What's wrong? Can you help me? I would like to stress out the fact that i didn't have this problem with other distributions (suse, mandrake).
> Thanx in advance

I had the very same problem with RH6.0 and an Epson GT-7000 scanner. I
solved it by commentig out
everything but the epson AND PNG (the meta-scanner) backends.
Hope this help you.

P.S.: it seems we have every sort of problem with SANE on Red Hat (I
still can't compile from source)
and I guess the problem is from the latter (oops !). Some alternative
may help ? ;-).


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