Re: diff/patch (was: Re: HP OfficeJet Pro,R series support announcement)

Dave Hill (
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 09:46:52 +0000

David Paschal wrote:

> Also, could somebody kindly give me suggestions on the best way to
> produce
> and apply a patch to the SANE source tree? I tried a recursive diff,
> as
> well as a script that did individual diffs on files I knew were new or
> changed, but the patch utility seemed to have trouble "patching" files
> that
> didn't already exist. For now, my "patch" consists of a .tar.gz file
> containing the entirety of the new/modified files.

You should use the --new-file option to diff. This tells it that
if a file is absent, treat it as empty. Patch will then know
that the file is to be created.

-N --new-file Treat absent files as empty.

The "normal" options to diff are: -u -r --new-file

Dave Hill

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