sane-0.4 has QuickCam backend!

David Mosberger-Tang (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 11:17:01 -0700

OK, I'm just uploading sane-0.4. It has a first implementation of the
Connectix color QuickCam backend. It works rather well already,
though the b&w supports needs to be finished up and tested (I only
have a color camera). Of course, there are the usual loose ends to be
tied up (see TODO file), but the basic functionality is there.

Tristan, you may want to check the two minor changes I made to xscan
(they're documented in ChangeLog). They where necessary since the
QuickCam specifies its width/height in pixels (not mm) and to ensure
that xscan never displays any inactive options. Hope I got that code

Also, there were a number improvements to the command-line frontend.
I consider it full-featured now, but if you can think of any
improvements, let me know (yeah, the man-pages are still missing, I'm

It's all at:

>From the NEWS file:

New in 0.4:

* A first implementation of the Connectix quickcam backend now exists.
At present, only color cameras are known to work, though it shouldn't
be too hard to get the b&w versions to work as well.

* Improvements for the command-line frontend scan:

** Option settings are now applied _before_ the help info is printed.
This allows to see what the available options are with certain options
in effect.
** It can now deal with SANE_INFO_RELOAD_OPTIONS.
** It now prints the current option values in the help message (except for


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