sane-0.33 available

David Mosberger-Tang (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 21:08:36 -0700

OK, just uploaded sane-0.33 to the usual place:

Here is what the NEWS file has to say:

New in 0.33:

* sane_get_devices() now takes a second argument of boolean type. If it's SANE_TRUE, then the backend must return local (non-remote) devices only.

* scan now uses the default-unit of `mm' (millimeters) again for lengths. Using `cm' (centimeter) proved confusing since the help messages print length values in millimeters.

* Debugging can now be controlled on a per-backend basis. The debug-level of backend <be> is set by environment variable SANE_DEBUG_<be>. For example, to see all debug messages of the metadl backend, set SANE_DEBUG_METADL to a large value (say 128). The sanei.h file provides three macros to assist in using this debug facility: DBG_DECL to declare the integer variable that holds the debug level, DBG_INIT to initialize debugging, and DBG to print a debug message. See backend/sanei.h and backend/metadl.c for details and examples.

* scan now supports setting options to "auto" mode (e.g., --brightness=auto would ask the backend to select brightness automatically if that option supports automatic mode

* scan now allows abbreviating the values of a string-lists. Case is ignored and the best matches is used (either longest unique match or exact match when ignoring case)


One caveat: my Mustek scanner is temporarily out of order (I'm waiting for a cheap 53c810 card to show up), so I haven't been able to do any fancy testing.

Andy and everybody else interested in change to the standard itself: take a close look at the change I made to sane_get_devices(). If you don't like the proposed solution, let me know. I hope the change is good enough to get the network backend going without having to wreak havoc with the existing interface.

[I just noticed I forgot to update the changebars in sane.tex. It's fixed now and will show up in the next version.]

Enjoy, --david

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