Re: mail lossage?
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 03:51:20 +0100 (MET)

> >> in which case you have to be careful not to run into endless
> >> recursion when trying to determine the list of available
> >> devices... ;-)
> Andy> Yes. Simple solution : Do not allow to re-export
> Andy> netsaned-mounted scanners.
> Hmmh, you make the assumption it's easy for the net-proxy to determine
> whether it's re-exporting a device or not. I don't think it's that
> easy.
Well ... I assumed everything which has a driver-name starting with net-
should be left out ... This could be dynamically added to the basename
when exporting.

> E.g., consider the netproxy on machine B in Figure 3.1 of the
> standard. All it sees is a list of device name strings. It looks to
> me like this needs some thought.
Yes ... anything better than my simple approach would be appreciated.

> Andy> case, because : a) It is not possible to exchange the
> Andy> authentication data via standard SANE calls yet. (This is a
> Andy> deficiency we should try to alleviate somehow. The easiest
> Andy> way would be to read .netsanerc from the client, as it would
> Andy> not cause changes in SANE. Another would be to add a sane_auth
> Andy> call ...)
> Agreed. This needs to be addressed, eventually.
Yes, because we need some standard method of requesting authentication
data ...

Requesting the auth itself is easy : Simply return E_AUTH on any SANE
call which needs more permissions that the client currently has.

> Andy> c) host1 can
> Andy> connect directly to host3, if desired. (I do not think we need
> Andy> proxy-sane ... do we ;-) ?
> I actually like the idea (see, I like to work around firewalls...).
Yes ... nasty things, if you do not have transparent proxying like
in the newer Linux kernels ...
> But it's not something we should spend extra effort on. But if it
> falls off naturally, I'd call it a feature.

For now I will probably simply do nothing about it, to make it work


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