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Future Plans

7 Future Plans

In the immediate future, the plan is to add support for many more devices. For example, Agfa and Plustek scanner and Nikon filmscanner drivers are planned, and there is hope that drivers for some of the more popular digital cameras will materialize soon as well. To get the ultimate in network connectivity, there are also plans to implement a scanner application in Java, making it possible to control your scanner from your favorite Java-enabled web browser.

In the long term, it would be interesting to generalize SANE to embrace other multimedia devices including audio sources or video tape recorders.

In other words, SANE has just started, and there are many exciting projects to come. If you're interested in pursuing some of these by all means get in touch with other developers through the SANE mailing list. The mailing list and other valuable resources can be found at the SANE home page at

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