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What Else Comes with SANE?

3 What Else Comes with SANE?

Now that you have seen how to use some of the programs that come with the SANE distribution, it is time to tell you what else is included. At the time of this writing, the package includes drivers for the following devices:

Support for many other scanners and cameras is planned and some of them should be ready by the time you read this article. For the latest information, please visit the web page listed in the References.

Available applications are the command-line scanimage, the graphical xscanimage (either stand-alone or as a GIMP extension) and xcam, a graphical user interface suitable for cameras which produce a continuous stream of images (such as the Connectix QuickCam).

In addition, there are SANE API bindings for Python and Java API and a network daemon called saned that provides network-transparent access to remote devices. Assuming you have the appropriate permissions, this makes it possible to control a camera running in the U.S. from a machine running in Europe---all courtesy of SANE and the Internet.

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